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Welcome to Instant CalMag-C

Instant CalMag-C is a balanced, fast-acting calcium and magnesium supplement with the correct delivery system so your body can absorb it and you can get the benefit.

Because of its formulation, the body absorbs it rapidly which means you can get the benefits instantly.

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Many Doctors recommend as a First Choice Calcium Magnesium Powder Supplement with Vitamin C, Natural Non Drug Sleep Aid, Muscle Relaxer. PMS, Menstrual, Sports Cramp, Stress & Natural Pain Relief ...

About Instant CalMag-C

Calcium and magnesium are essential for more than 300 functions in your body, such as sleep, pain, cramp and muscle spasm alleviation, nervousness, restless leg syndrome, relaxation...

What does CalMag help with?

Instant CalMag-C is a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement with vitamin C that your body can assimilate very rapidly.

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