Who wants to suffer at or after the party?? Not me!! Whether you give up the goodies at the party or suffer afterwards from the ‘goodies’ you consumed … it’s not fun!

Ever suffer the next day from:

• Lack of energy?

• Headaches?

• Hyperactivity … any age group?

• Sad or melancholy?

Want to know how to eat your cake and not feel the effects afterward? First, let’s look at what happens.

When the goodies are full of sugar, refined flours, or alcohol … which all turns to sugar in the body … they deplete your stores of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and many other nutrients. When those nutrients are not replaced, the body isn’t feeling well, often giving one the “blues”. Worse than feeling ‘ugh’, the body’s immune system is now compromised and not able to fight off germs from a cold or the ‘flu or worse.


The best solution is prevention. Make sure you and your family members take a good multi-vitamin, a B-vitamin complex and some Instant CalMag-C … the balanced calcium magnesium product … BEFORE the party! This will replace the nutrients that the ‘goodies’ will be burning up so those negative side-effects are stopped before they begin.

If you neglected to take preventative measures before the party, take these nutrients as soon as possible after the party to compensate for the lack of nutrients the party sugar burned up.


Children are very frequently affected by sugar-highs … and their after-effects. If they’re argumentative, irritable or just feeling cranky, a glass of Instant CalMag-C (added to unsweetened juice if your child insists) and some B-vitamins will quickly calm them down. Keep this in mind anytime, not just for holiday parties.

Speaking of parties, one of the signs of magnesium depletion is an intolerance of noise. If the volume of everything around seems too loud and irritating, take a glass with 1-3 teaspoons of Instant CalMag-C and a dose of B vitamins and this will start working in about 30 minutes to relieve your condition.


“Instant CalMag-C became my lifeline in a time of severe anxiety and uncertainty about my future. During this period I started using Instant CalMag-C and can state without doubt that I probably would not have survived without it. The benefits, physically and mentally, were so amazing that I have become a sworn proponent of the product and have put a number of friends, family and employees on it, with consistently great success.

“I even have my 11 and 13-year-old children on it as well. The younger one is hyperactive at times, which can put additional strain on me. This has eased. Since we have had Instant CalMag-C in our household, my children come and ask me for it, and you couldn’t ask for a more peaceful environment.

My 13-year-old daughter has been promoting its benefits to the girls on her team and I now get mothers calling me the night before matches to remind me to send some for their children too!” Suzette P, Alberton

My mom gives me Instant CalMag-C almost every day. She mixes it with juice and I love it. It makes me feel better.

“Sometimes when I’m upset, it’s because I didn’t eat very well that day; and probably had too much sugar, so my mom fixes me up a glass of Instant CalMag-C and it makes me feel a lot better fast.” Emily C

Instant CalMag-C Facts

Instant CalMag-C is not some miracle product that you only use to resolve an immediate problem, even though many think it is because of the results they get. It should be part of your daily routine … like food, water, (even coffee if you ‘need’ that) etc. It is not a drug.

Calcium and magnesium are minerals your body needs. They are very important as they are responsible for more than 300 functions in your body, such as helping your digestion, brain function, hormonal functions, relaxing, preventing pain, helping your adrenals, heart function, blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar levels, etc.

Calcium needs Magnesium In order for your body to absorb calcium and vice versa, it needs Calcium to absorb the Magensium. It needs to be accompanied by its partner, magnesium, in a balanced ratio of two parts calcium to one part magnesium.

Calcium and Magnesium need Vitamin C as both these minerals are alkaline so they need some kind of acid to adjust the pH in order to be absorbed. Failing to have this combination can lead to increased deficiencies of calcium and/or magnesium or the calcium depositing in joints (arthritis) or kidneys (stones). One could use apple cider vinegar as the acid, but vitamin C is usually a more practical and better-tasting solution.

Why Instant CalMag-C Works

Instant CalMag-C has been formulated in a 2:1 blend of elemental calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually absorb them. This is so you can get the benefit of the calcium and magnesium. It is even safe for small babies in very small doses … like 1/8 of a teaspoon. As their bodies adjusts, you can slowly increase the dosage. It is great for teething, colic and upsets.

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Nothing in this article or e-mail is meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This email and all the information in it is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed medical doctor.