Coping with stress, illness and health conditions may not have to be permanent after all…

Coping with stress, illness and health conditions may not have to be permanent after all…

And you can know the trick that makes the difference!


It seems to be the watchword of health these days and always has been to some degree.

But coping with illness, health problems, stress and the like, it is easy to become accustomed to having to “deal with” such issues as a regular part of life.

But are these “regular” or normal in nature?

While they may be common, they are not actually normal to have and there is a way to not have to deal with them at all or in the first place.

But it’s only if you know this one thing that unlocks the mystery of why we suffer in the first place.

And it can be the difference between suffering and recovery.

And the answer is readily accessible to everyone if they know this one place to look!

Is everyone really doomed to cope with health issues with no chance of true wellness?

The answer is obviously “yes” unless you know something no one else seems to know.

And as impossible as that sounds, “coping” with many very common health issues is actually contradictory to how the human body was designed.

Though it is designed “rough and tough” and able to take on this tremendously stressful world it lives through, it certainly doesn’t seem to act that way, at least for an entire lifetime, over which it seems to deteriorate and break down.

But that design includes for endurance far beyond its apparent longevity. The common sufferings in life, in fact, are just that, common.

The key is, however, that they’re not normal.

So, no, not everyone is doomed. In fact, way less are doomed than meets the eye. That is, if you know one thing…

The opportunity to experience wellness without having to cope with pain is available to nearly anyone if they understand this…

People who repair things secretly (if inherently) know this, and don’t even realize they know it. This makes them just as prone to such stresses, aches, pains and other conditions.

How ironic that their very profession holds the key.

What do repairmen know that we don’t? If you need an appliance fixed, a computer serviced or a car repaired, why do we turn to them? Why don’t we fix these things ourselves?

We tend to think they are experts in broken things or experts in making broken things unbroken. But even they know that’s not what they are.

What does an appliance-, a computer- or auto-tech know but the mechanical workings and designs of these devices? They know their structure, function and intended use and purpose.

If you consider it, it’s clear: knowing how things work enables you to see clearly if they aren’t working when they’re not, and how to make them work when they don’t.

Structure and function are the keys. Coupled with a traceable timeline of the various traumas, overloads and other abuses such machinery has experienced, you can truly find an actual cause.

This means not just a temporary patch that makes something work for the time being, but a permanent fix by restoring original structure and function.

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The thing that makes total wellness possible has nothing to do with coping!

Total wellness.

It isn’t just a state of the body but is also a state of mind and a method of maintaining the body at optimum levels of function, no matter if the body is aging or not. It has several, easy-to-understand and masterable facets that empower you to be truly well and, quite literally, the best version of yourself…

First, there is the fact that your body has a basic design, a function and a certain purpose. The “Total Wellness” mindset and approach is very clear on these and is based entirely upon them.

More than a therapeutic or routine function, “Total Wellness” sometimes also becomes investigatory or diagnostic if you will. This premise considers that your body is not the effect of random things in your current environment but is an accumulation of past experiences which brought you to where you are physically in the present.

Nutritionally, physically and even emotionally, you have a long track behind you of experience and it is a record which can be traced for answers when things go wrong. This empowers you to investigate and solve, not merely observe and cope!

“Total Wellness” is a natural-to-life concept which is geared toward establishing the cause of anything that is “off the plan” and not congruent with the basic structural and functional design, and then devising a plan, not to cope with its symptoms, but to get to their source.

This means, Nature’s “original blueprint” dictates the structure, function and, yes, the purpose of the body and this mindset and approach parallels it.

It itself contains the answers to maintaining and correcting it.

This is all about cause, origin, source.

And THAT is the story of not having to cope with such conditions.

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When body does get sick, you may have to just cope with it, unless you know this…

This isn’t a catchall and doesn’t mean the body can’t become infected or develop disease or physical damage beyond repair. But getting the body to adhere to its original design gives it its best chance possible to be truly well.

Wellness, immunity and the abundance or lack thereof indicate a sliding scale. You can be more well or less well. You can be somewhat immune, extremely immune or totally immune deficient.

The good news is, though you can score “poorly” in these, you can always do better. There are always higher states of wellness.

So the takeaway?

Even “coping” itself is a sliding scale. You need to cope with illness to the degree that you do not understand structure and function of the body. The more you know, the more you can do, and the closer you will get to knowing when the body is malfunctioning to the tiniest degree and finding the cause of any such malfunction.

And this can lead to actually doing something about it for a change instead of just suffering through it.

The more wellness you achieve, the less coping that has to be done!

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The best thing to do is find out two things about yourself:

First, what have your experiences thus far led you to and what do these have to do with the source of your health challenges? Then…

What measures could you be taking to change what the future looks like and move more toward a wellness scenario and away from cope? In other words, what can YOU do about it?

Getting back to fundamentals is key. There are so many structural and functional things you can learn about, anatomically speaking. Resources abound on this.

And here is where Instant CalMag-C can help in a major way. It contains two of the most basic ingredient requirements per the original blueprint of how the body is both structured AND functions, not to mention its purpose in helping us reach our goals.

A very specific mix of specialized forms of these two minerals in a specific chemical reaction is required to fuel every process from supporting the structure to impelling nerve energy flow, from brain function to muscular flexion and relaxation, from blood sugar regulation to blood pressure maintenance, and more than 300 other functions included.

Instant CalMag-C mineral supplement beverage mix is formulated in the laboratory to work with this exact process and is engineered to be not only absorbed instantly but put to use immediately.

Talk about sliding the scale away from cope and more toward total wellness! When you’ve been deficient in these basic minerals of life, think of all the things that could go wrong. There are limitless combinations. But think then of all that can go right!

And this makes limitless improvement possible.

Drink Instant CalMag-C today and see what fulfilling any deficiencies you may have can mean in improving your odds of being truly well!

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