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Mixing instructions: To mix yourself a glass of Instant CalMag-C, place 1 – 3 slightly rounded teaspoons of powder in a cup or glass, add boiling water, stir till dissolved and then add ice blocks, cold water or your favorite herbal tea bag or unsweetened juice.

Please note that you must boil the water. The calcium particles are large and need to have boiling water so that they can break down. That fizzing you see when you add the boiling water is the chemical action of breaking down the particles. This is important if you want to get the full benefit and not have any residues. Click here to watch mixing instructions on video.

Do NOT nuke (microwave) your water for CalMag-C mixing or anything else. Keep an eye open for more on this.

No sugar, please, as that will counteract the positive effects. Sugar creates deficiencies of these and other minerals, as well as other very important nutrients in your body.

Daily Doses: You can have as many glasses of Instant CalMag-C daily as you wish. It would be hard to overdose on it, especially during hot weather when a lot of minerals are lost due to sweating.

Minimum recommended dosage is one teaspoon daily.

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms or pain, 2 – 3 rounded teaspoons or more daily. Prior to visits to the dentist, take at least 3 teaspoons daily for a few days before and a few days after treatment.

Mixing Options: Everyone has a different lifestyle and so practicality is important for each of us. Here are some options to keep it simple.

  1. Some people mix enough for two days and keep the balance in the refrigerator. (I personally do it this way.)
  2. Some people mix their day’s worth and sip it throughout the day.
  3. Some people mix it once a day – one for the morning and one for bed time.

Loose Bowels: Some people can get loose bowels. This is usually due to the fact that magnesium is a natural stool softener. It is not toxic nor should it cause ill effects. If your stools get loose, cut back the dose to your tolerance level and once you’ve had that for a while, slightly increase it till you either reach the recommended dose or your personal tolerance level.

It is safe for small babies in very small doses, like the tip of a teaspoon. As their tolerance increases, you can increase it slowly. It is great for teething, colic and upsets.

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