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Drug Addiction You Have, But Don’t Know About

drug-addictionDrug addiction is not limited to “drug addicts” anymore. You may be addicted to a drug without knowing it!

We all think we know about drug addiction but, most of us think we will never experience it. Surprisingly, many more people can be considered “addicts” by definition than one would ever suppose. But that is only half the story. Many substances are, by definition, considered to be drugs. Many of these you may be taking in right now. Let’s look at some of them.

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4 Types of Withdrawal You May Be Going Through

withdrawal sugarEveryone thinks of street drugs when it comes to withdrawal but what else causes it?

Street drugs aren’t the only thing that causes withdrawal. In fact, symptoms of withdrawal can occur from quitting virtually anything. Many of these, however, you don’t even know you’re going through. Here are the four most popular ones along with a little advice on how to combat them.

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7 Conditions That Show ADHD Symptoms

thinkingCould child and adult ADHD symptoms actually be one of these 7 physical conditions?

A Google search of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder yields over 60 million search results. And though much of the data is stated as fact, no apparent scientific evidence of it exists. What is obvious from a list of symptoms, however, is that they are not exclusive to it but shared by other proven physical conditions.

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Are You Depleting Your Calcium With Medication?


Medication may be necessary to avert health disaster, but meds for the most popular conditions deplete essential minerals like calcium.

Meds have become a function of everyday life for many, so common they are taken for granted. The word “common” is not, however, synonymous with “normal” by any means. As a matter of fact, drugs and medicine are actually poisons to the body; poisons which are not a normal function of life.

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