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Allergies Have Some Nerve!


While allergies are best-addressed via a variety of complementary disciplines, one cause, often neglected, could easily be checked and spotted: blockage to nerve energy flow.

It is nevertheless true that allergic reactions can occur for a variety of reasons, yet nerve blockage, left undiscovered and untreated, can be the difference between remedy and exacerbation of the allergy symptoms themselves.

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Menopause, Menstruation, Calcium Loss

woman cramps

Here are a few facts about menopause and menstruation that have to do with calcium and magnesium…

Menopause and Menstruation – Calcium

Between the ages of 15 and 45, women lose at the menstrual period cyclically, during 2 or 3 days of each month, considerable calcium. Calcium requirements of nursing and pregnant women are three times the normal adult requirements. During puberty and at the menopause, glandular overactivity causes excessive losses of calcium, iron and other elements. Similarly, men under a severe mental strain, or those engaged in heavy physical labor, require more calcium to replace losses.

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Calcium 101 : The Basics

calcium 101 basics

Calcium is not just a mineral rock mined from the earth. It is a complex factor of life. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fundamentals.

Such fundamentals are easily understood when broken down and examined in the context of the body and how it functions. So let’s go back to school on calcium and see what can be learned.

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Calcium and Magnesium Vital Basics


Calcium and magnesium are vital to many body functions. Here is just a small number of them.

What don’t you know about the basics of calcium and magnesium? These two essential minerals pervades everything from bones and teeth to blood sugar levels, sleep cycles and all manner of other functions as well as a host of symptoms, illnesses and the like from their deficiency.

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Holistic Weight Loss Coach Integrates Instant CalMag-C

Nanette DeGroat, Founder of Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Discusses the Benefits of Instant CalMag-C In Detox
Nanette DeGroat, Founder of Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Discusses Detox Benefits of Instant CalMag-C In Her Seminar

While it may be unbelievable that calcium and magnesium have something to do with weight loss, one holistic health coach has found a yet more obvious use in combating overlooked side-effects attributed to weight-loss failure, solving one of the foremost factors associated with giving up on virtually any diet plan.

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How to Calm Down Your Caffeine Jitters

Jitters Are Not Just About Coffee

According to New Scientist contributor Richard Lovett, in his article dated 24 September 2005, Coffee: The Demon Drink?, “Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance on earth, prized by almost every human culture for its ability to perk people up and keep them awake. In North America, around 90 per cent of adults report using caffeine every day.”

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