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Weight Loss Painful In More Ways Than One

weight loss scaleWeight loss wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be

You made the resolution. Easy. You signed up for a gym membership or started a diet program. Even easier. You started and found it wasn’t easy at all. In fact, it was downright painful both physically and emotionally. Exhaustion sets in and, instead of results, a nagging feeling of “just give up” creeps in. You think “well, maybe next year” and old habits resume. Here is the story of nearly every weight loss program ever embarked-upon by would-be “losers” who just couldn’t bear the “pain” that comes with making it to the goal. What happens? Is it possible to overcome?

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Drug Addiction You Have, But Don’t Know About

drug-addictionDrug addiction is not limited to “drug addicts” anymore. You may be addicted to a drug without knowing it!

We all think we know about drug addiction but, most of us think we will never experience it. Surprisingly, many more people can be considered “addicts” by definition than one would ever suppose. But that is only half the story. Many substances are, by definition, considered to be drugs. Many of these you may be taking in right now. Let’s look at some of them.

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5 Personal Trainer Musts For Best Fitness Results

personal trainer fitnessPersonal trainer searches minimally should include 5 things

Setting fitness goals can be an overwhelming ordeal, let alone reaching them. Getting a personal trainer is an outstanding solution to set goals which are ideal, real and attainable. But if you are to hire one, what qualities should you seek? These 5 musts can make the difference.

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Calcium Deficiency from Taking Calcium?

calcium deficiency rocksYou may believe calcium deficiency can exist but did you know that calcium can cause it?

Supplement sales at an all-time crescendo indicate deficiencies are on the rise. Whether from soil depletion or just plain not eating the right foods, vitamin and mineral deficiencies run rampant, prompting supplementation. Calcium deficiency, however, presents a rather unique situation. For there are two ways taking calcium supplements can prolong the deficient condition and only one way they can be effective.

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How to Avoid the Afternoon Crash

napWell beyond lunch, yet so far away from the end of the day, is that mid- afternoon crash inevitable?

Just when your day seems “over the hump”, when lunch is over and 5 o’clock is in your sights, a tired, exhausted feelings comes over you and you need a nap. Evidenced by a nearly $50 million in energy drink sales annually, quite a few people know this phenomenon all too well. Is it possible, however, to avoid the crash without having to resort to coffee or energy drinks? Understanding the slump is key.

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5 Black Friday Survival Hacks

mallBlack Friday “door-busters” may be worth the trip, but is it possible to shop without the drop?

You have barely digested that Thanksgiving feast and, the Christmas shopping season is on with a vengeance. Door-buster deals have you fighting the carb hangover, other shoppers and lack of sleep to get that deep discount for which you have waited all year. And, you find yourself shopping from the wee hours until mid-day, when you can shop no more.

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