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Dental Visits Can Be Naturally Painfree

DENTAL PAIN RELIEF:I was already drinking one glass of CalMag-C™ when I had a toothache start up. Over about five days it worsened to the point where I couldn’t eat anything hot or cold and had to let food sit out to room temperature. Chewing in the area was painful. Sleeping became a science of partially sitting up in an easy chair and I was developing an ear ache. I don’t like taking drugs but finally gave in and took ½ an aspirin each day.

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Stressed Out? Can’t Sleep?


Sleep and Carpal Tunnel: “I cannot stress enough what your Instant CalMag-C has done for me.  As a dentist I have had many a sore wrist (carpal tunnel), hand cramps, stiff neck and knees due to working day in and day out handling dental needs. Sometimes I come home knowing that having my CalMag-C l am soon to relax and allow my hands and wrist to feel free once again.  Sometimes my knees hurt (due to an old knee injury) too from sitting and working but ALL my aches and pains go away with a nice warm cup of Instant CalMag-C.  Lastly, a cup before bed makes me sleep like a baby.  I haven’t taken aspirin, Motrin, or a sleeping pill in years, thanks to your magic CalMag-C. Thanks, Des, keep up with the great product!” Dr. BRW, Michigan.

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Asthma and Bronchitis: Help Yourself

I just wanted to update you on my success with Calmag-C.  As you may recall, I have been taking Calmag-C for over 2 months now.  At that time, I had bronchitis that wouldn’t go away, despite getting conventional treatment, which turned into an asthmatic event.   After stabilizing, I have found that taking Calmag-C along with vitamin supplements and eliminating sugar and white flours eliminated any asthmatic symptoms.  I can tell that when I stopped taking the Calmag-C, symptoms returned.  You can be sure that I won’t be forgetting to include Calmag-C on a twice daily basis again.   I am sure that if it wasn’t for Calmag-C, I would have had to depend on some medications which are harsh on the body.   So, what worked for me in general was reducing inflammation: Calmag-C along with an anti-inflammatory diet, good hydration, and vitamins did the trick! LK in California

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Stress: How Your Adrenal Glands Work

Thanks to your products I have managed to deal with today’s lifestyle challenges, especially in my day-to -day working environment where I am under a lot of pressure working as a sales executive selling cars. I have targets to meet and deadlines to make. Believe it or not, I have managed to cope under these stressful conditions. Since I have been using the product I have remained calm and focused and more productive at my business. My energy levels are sustained the entire day and my metabolism is now working like a well-oiled machine. I highly recommend CalMag-C, which contains magnesium, calcium and vitamin C all in one. It’s soluble and absorbs immediately into your system when taken with hot water.” Byron F, Johannesburg

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Diabetes – A Stress Disease


By Andre Lotz (with kind acknowledgement to Adelle Davis)

As the article explains, diabetes could be thought of as a condition that develops rapidly or slowly over a period of time as a result of dietary habits and lifestyle. Famous nutritionist, Adelle Davis said of diabetes “It seems to me no disease can inflict more savage cruelty than diabetes….”.

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