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How To Overcome Stress


Overcoming stress is not just mental! In fact, it may require nutritional intervention!

“To meet the nutritional demands of stress must be the first consideration in planning any diet, regardless of whom it is for, and in coping with any disease, regardless of its nature. If the body’s reaction to stress is understood and the diet can be adjusted accordingly, the problem of achieving health is often largely solved.”

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Heart Muscles Are the Heartbeat of Your Life

Heart Muscles ~ the Heartbeat of Your Life

The heart muscle continuously contracts and relaxes, pumping blood throughout the whole human body.

What pushes a heart and other muscles to contract is the mineral calcium. What makes a heart and other muscles relax is the mineral magnesium.  Therefore, calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for whole body health and function.  All muscles and organs in your body depend upon your heart working this way.

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Stressed Nerves

Stressed Nerves – Problem or Symptom?

What is “stress” any way? Webster’s defines it as, 

“Force exerted upon a body… the intensity of such force… and mental or physical tension or strain.”

The human body is not a static thing like a still-life painting. There are literally billions of activities going on inside of one at any given moment. Despite that, there are parts of a body that are relatively static, like bones, for instance.

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Menopause and Menstrual Problems

At the end of the reproductive cycle, the ovaries gradually become inactive. This process is the reverse of changes that occurred in puberty, and a healthy woman on an adequate diet is as unaware of any disturbances as she was at adolescence. Furthermore, normal adrenal glands produce a number of sex hormones which take over when menstruation ceases.

“Problems at menopause are often much more severe than at puberty, largely because the diet has been deficient in many nutrients for years prior to its onset. These are protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, E, and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).

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