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Several Signs Stress Is Setting In

Stress belongs in the environment, not in your body

Stress is so common these days, it seems like a normal fact of life. And, it may well be. Adverse reactions to it, however, are not normal. It comprises things such as burden, overwork, physical demand and other such factors. When it begins affecting the body, however, something is not normal. How do you know when stress is affecting the body? Here are the most common symptoms to monitor.

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Mass Hysteria Remedy Needed Now

mass-hysteriaIs there any hope for mass hysteria?

There have always been moments of tension in history when mass hysteria has been an issue. Times of war, crises and even economic downturn have been culprits. However, never has it been more prominent than in recent years, with people at a fever pitch of worry, grief and, yes, mass hysteria. The difference now? News stories and news FEEDS are flooded with outcry and clamor of political, religious and even personal nature. This flood of information and controversy has created a tense situation for all. Never has there been a more appropriate time to calm down the masses. To do so however, a few factors need to be examined and addressed.

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Work Stress, Muscle Tension, Fatigue May Not Be Related

work-stressWhen work stress, muscle tension, fatigue and exhaustion flair up, it might not be the job

Can it be true? Can you be predisposed to muscle tension, fatigue and exhaustion despite a stressful job? Logic may make it seem impossible. After all, stressful conditions should take their toll on the body, right? Isn’t it the job, after all, that makes the worker exhausted and fatigued? A deeper look into body function uncovers a stunning revelation: work stress is not necessarily the cause of pain, tension, fatigue and exhaustion. There is evidence that other factors are at play. And, this fact opens the door to doing something about it.

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Muscle Tension Is Common But Not Normal

muscle-tensionMuscle tension may be a common thing but it is certainly not normal to have it

These days, there are many health issues people face. Few, however are as rampant as muscle tension from stress, especially in the workplace and corporate sector. Sitting for long periods in front of a computer, facing deadlines and working long hours take their toll. This is to say nothing of stress in general. With a large majority of people suffering, it is easy to think that stress and muscle tension are the “new normal” when it comes to disease. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This only makes them common and they are not normal. The good news is that, because they are not normal, there is something that can be done.

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Can Calcium and Magnesium ‘Trump’ Stress?

calcium-and-magnesium-trumpCalcium and Magnesium ‘Trump’ Stress

There are many things to say about the recent US election. It was historic. In some ways it was controversial. Overall, it was stressful. Both candidates and constituents felt its effects. And, though the election is over, the effects of stress remain. For many, the most stressful time is to come. But how do you deal with stress? The functions of calcium and magnesium hold the answer. They can be said to “Trump” the effects of stress.

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7 Stress Symptoms Solved

stressThe number 7 is not so lucky when it comes to these symptoms of stress

Stress is a word that is often used but seldom fully understood. Derivatives such as “stressed out” and “stressful” are just as common. But what IS stress, what are its symptoms and what can be done about it? The answer requires an examination of the 7 most major and popular symptoms.

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Why Is It Difficult to Keep Calm In Crisis, Chaos or Panic?

keep calmCircumstances lately tend to make it difficult to keep calm, but why isn’t it easier?

One word: predisposition. Factually, many of us set ourselves up to be predisposed to heightened anxiety when there is crisis, emergency, chaos, panic or the like. In fact, dozens of factors are involved, of which there are some common and popular ones. Here are a few.

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4 Factors That Make Stress Reduction Unnecessary

stress reductionStress reduction becomes unnecessary if you know the primary factors that cause it…

Scouring the internet for stress reduction tips can be stressful in and of itself in that there are so many viewpoints on the matter. But, wouldn’t the best method be to not have stress at all? Impossible as it seems, an understanding of 4 factors makes elimination of stress the best stress reduction of all.

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