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Work Stress, Muscle Tension, Fatigue May Not Be Related

work-stressWhen work stress, muscle tension, fatigue and exhaustion flair up, it might not be the job

Can it be true? Can you be predisposed to muscle tension, fatigue and exhaustion despite a stressful job? Logic may make it seem impossible. After all, stressful conditions should take their toll on the body, right? Isn’t it the job, after all, that makes the worker exhausted and fatigued? A deeper look into body function uncovers a stunning revelation: work stress is not necessarily the cause of pain, tension, fatigue and exhaustion. There is evidence that other factors are at play. And, this fact opens the door to doing something about it.

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7 Stress Symptoms Solved

stressThe number 7 is not so lucky when it comes to these symptoms of stress

Stress is a word that is often used but seldom fully understood. Derivatives such as “stressed out” and “stressful” are just as common. But what IS stress, what are its symptoms and what can be done about it? The answer requires an examination of the 7 most major and popular symptoms.

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Pain Management vs Relief and Prevention

pain-management-preventionPain management is an ever popular buzz word these days, but why would you want to “manage” pain?

The name “Pain Management” alone predicts a grim outlook. Why would you want to “manage” pain? All that really says is that you are coping or dealing with it. This implies it is impossible to rid yourself of it permanently. How is this a viable option? Do you really want to live with pain and merely cope with it? It’s time to look at how to get relief from pain and, even better, how to avert it in the first place.

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Diabetic Nerve Pain May Trace to Mineral Deficiency

diabeticnervepainDiabetic nerve pain is a mystery. But is it solvable?

There are many theories about diabetic nerve pain. Suspected causes are numerous. The only offered solutions seem to be drugs to deaden the pain. But, the very words describing the condition may hold the key to preventing it. This can best be understood by breaking it down into 3 components: diabetes, nerves and pain.

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Physical Medicine ‘Super-Charge’ With Nerve Support

physical medicine injuryPhysical medicine can be an effective treatment but, with nerve support, achieves a new level

Physical medicine is ever more popular these days. With injuries on the rise, more effective care is needed, especially considering the limited effectiveness of medications. Physical treatment, however, tends only to be “skin deep” leaving a deeper component unhandled: nerves. While physical treatment can “unblock” nerves, they themselves must function.

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Dentist Pain, Fear Alleviated, Patient Claims 3 Fold

dentist pain sign

Dentist pain and fear during visits may be quite common and sometimes requires intervention, yet this man claims to have changed it all through magnesium supplementation.

“Dentist pain” has become an increasingly popular search term with dentist fear similar in popularity. One man’s recent experience, however, has defied this popular trend with claims of 3 benefits of magnesium supplementation including reduced pain, fear and need for Novocaine and pain relievers.

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5 Steps to Counter Fibromyalgia Cause, Treatment Guesswork

fibromyalgia meds

Fibromyalgia prescription meds may be on the rise, but their basis upon speculation begs a more basic solution.

Even the Mayo Clinic states that “doctors don’t know what causes” Fibromyalgia. Yet numerous ads tell you to “ask your doctor” about meds based on a “thought to be caused by” approach. Successful treatment, however, depends upon more certainty than such speculation. Here are 5 steps to better target a solution.

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