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Dentist Pain, Fear Alleviated, Patient Claims 3 Fold

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Dentist pain and fear during visits may be quite common and sometimes requires intervention, yet this man claims to have changed it all through magnesium supplementation.

“Dentist pain” has become an increasingly popular search term with dentist fear similar in popularity. One man’s recent experience, however, has defied this popular trend with claims of 3 benefits of magnesium supplementation including reduced pain, fear and need for Novocaine and pain relievers.

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Nervousness and Depression

DEPRESSION: “I suffer from depression and I must say that Instant CalMag-C has made a big difference in my life. Thumbs up to the guy who invented this product.

CALM, LESS IRRITATED AND NERVOUS:Since all members of my family including me, my husband and my 1½ year old daughter started to take CalMag-C we seem to have less problems in the family:

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Beat The PMS Monster!


The CalMag-C has been great. I’ve just had my periods and hardly had any cramps at all! Normally I am doubled over for 3 days!!” RW

A friend recommended Instant CalMag-C to me because I was having horrible problems with severe cramping all over my body. It definitely helps that but even better, it has been miraculous with the horrendous menstrual cramping I’ve always suffered from my whole life! I’ve tried every supplement under the sun, including calcium/magnesium. For some reason your product works like no other for this problem. As long as I take it daily, the symptoms are usually minor. Thank you!” – Z.B., Largo, FL

Calcium Levels Drop

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Sleep Better


The inability to sleep can be caused by almost any health condition, including things like depression, heartburn, cancer, asthma, arthritis, muscle and back pain – to name a few.  Other things that can lead to sleep difficulties are the side effects from medications, or drug and alcohol use, as well as a high sugar or refined carb (starchy food) consumption.

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