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Cramps, Spasms, Pain – What’s The Difference?


PAINFUL SWOLLEN KNEE:Yes, I would be glad for you to use my message. I have NEVER written a testimonial for anything before, but this was really amazing.  My patella began popping out of place following a day of working on my hands and knees doing construction underneath my kitchen cabinets. After suffering for over two weeks from a very painful swollen knee, I was getting no better and was actually becoming more debilitated as my other knee was becoming inflamed from bearing more weight as I favored the injured leg. I had tried several things with no success, when I thought of my CalMag-C that I had neglected to take in quite a while. In less than thirty minutes after drinking the mixture, my mobility improved by about ninety percent! By the next day and two more doses, I was walking up and down my front steps using both knees and without pain….a true miracle!”  Susan H, Mississippi

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Best Painkiller Around

BROKEN BACK AND RIBS: I am still taking regular doses of the CalMag-C that you mailed to me. I am mixing it in regular doses as prescribed… and an extra dose every now and then. As you know, I broke my back in three places Forrest's truckand four ribs. I am finding that if I take a dose a few hours before I expect to go to sleep I am experiencing an energy boost and reduction of pain. Then I sleep a little more comfortably later. On mornings that I am feeling a little bit sluggish and in pain when I wake, I get up to breakfast, mix and consume a dose of CalMag-C after breakfast plus eat a round of my daily vitamins, wash it down with a spot of tea, and within an hour I find myself with my energy boosted and the pain minimized. 

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