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Heart Muscles Are the Heartbeat of Your Life

Heart Muscles ~ the Heartbeat of Your Life

The heart muscle continuously contracts and relaxes, pumping blood throughout the whole human body.

What pushes a heart and other muscles to contract is the mineral calcium. What makes a heart and other muscles relax is the mineral magnesium.  Therefore, calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for whole body health and function.  All muscles and organs in your body depend upon your heart working this way.

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Cramps, Spasms, Pain – What’s The Difference?


PAINFUL SWOLLEN KNEE:Yes, I would be glad for you to use my message. I have NEVER written a testimonial for anything before, but this was really amazing.  My patella began popping out of place following a day of working on my hands and knees doing construction underneath my kitchen cabinets. After suffering for over two weeks from a very painful swollen knee, I was getting no better and was actually becoming more debilitated as my other knee was becoming inflamed from bearing more weight as I favored the injured leg. I had tried several things with no success, when I thought of my CalMag-C that I had neglected to take in quite a while. In less than thirty minutes after drinking the mixture, my mobility improved by about ninety percent! By the next day and two more doses, I was walking up and down my front steps using both knees and without pain….a true miracle!”  Susan H, Mississippi

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