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3 Charley Horse Instigators You May Be Causing

charley horseCharley horse spasms can make you feel helpless but are you helping them along?

Wake up in the middle of the night and feel the Charley Horse cramp coming on. Which way do you bend your foot to stretch? It’s too late. You writhe in pain! You didn’t deserve it, but did you instigate it? There are 3 indications that you may have caused this painful cramp in your calf inadvertently.

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Best Painkiller Around

BROKEN BACK AND RIBS: I am still taking regular doses of the CalMag-C that you mailed to me. I am mixing it in regular doses as prescribed… and an extra dose every now and then. As you know, I broke my back in three places Forrest's truckand four ribs. I am finding that if I take a dose a few hours before I expect to go to sleep I am experiencing an energy boost and reduction of pain. Then I sleep a little more comfortably later. On mornings that I am feeling a little bit sluggish and in pain when I wake, I get up to breakfast, mix and consume a dose of CalMag-C after breakfast plus eat a round of my daily vitamins, wash it down with a spot of tea, and within an hour I find myself with my energy boosted and the pain minimized. 

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