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Heart Muscles Are the Heartbeat of Your Life

Heart Muscles ~ the Heartbeat of Your Life

The heart muscle continuously contracts and relaxes, pumping blood throughout the whole human body.

What pushes a heart and other muscles to contract is the mineral calcium. What makes a heart and other muscles relax is the mineral magnesium.  Therefore, calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for whole body health and function.  All muscles and organs in your body depend upon your heart working this way.

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Understanding Muscular Systems

Muscular Systems

The Art of Muscles

Understanding muscular systems — a network of about 650 muscles in the human body — enables not only understanding of body movement, but also art. Blood flow and functions connected with bones, organs and the heart are an important part of its mission. And good art also gets the juices flowing!

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How Radiation Affects Your Bones

Radiation: You can feel it in your bones!

While there has been quite a buzz concerning the adverse effects of radiation on the human body, it is much less well known thatit can be controlled and blocked from being absorbed if certain mineral combinations are present during exposure. Further, if such combinations are lacking, absorption of radiation is not only possible, it can even prevent these minerals from being utilized, wreaking havoc on the body – especially the bones and marrow!

Although radiation takes many forms, not all types are commonly found in your immediate environment and not all are handled the same way by the body. However, there is one particular form that merits investigation, a type of radiation common among today’s environmental epidemics.

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Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

RLS (RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME), SLEEP:I have suffered from severe restless leg syndrome (RLS) since I was a teen.  As I aged, the condition only worsened.  While I found some relief from prescription drugs, the relief was temporary and prescription drugs have their fair share of side effects.  Moreover, I had concerns about the extended use of the medications (anti-Parkinsonian agents) used to control my RLS.

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