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Jet Lag Can’t Compete With Your 2 Best Friends

jet-lag2 companions prove priceless when it comes to jet lag and travel exhaustion

Face it, the holiday season brings with it lots more travel than that to which we are normally accustomed. And, as for jet lag, it can happen from even a short weekend car excursion. Travel exhaustion is more common than one would think and it can wipe you out. But, can your fellow travelers contribute to the problem? Perhaps so. Two companions, however, can be your best friend when it comes to jet lag.

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Jet Lag – What Causes It?

FLYING SUCCESS: “On a recent very long flight (30 plus hours ), I made sure I had CalMag-C at regular intervals when I felt my body was getting very tired and stressed. This helped me to relax, took the stressed feelings out of my body and helped me to sleep on the flight, something I usually find quite difficult. It also helped ensure I didn’t suffer from the usual jet lag and I found, when I arrived, I slept quite well and more quickly adjusted to the time change. I will certainly be doing this each time I fly in the future!  The difference was very noticeable.”  AA, New Zealand

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