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7 Conditions That Show ADHD Symptoms

thinkingCould child and adult ADHD symptoms actually be one of these 7 physical conditions?

A Google search of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder yields over 60 million search results. And though much of the data is stated as fact, no apparent scientific evidence of it exists. What is obvious from a list of symptoms, however, is that they are not exclusive to it but shared by other proven physical conditions.

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Stressed Nerves

Stressed Nerves – Problem or Symptom?

What is “stress” any way? Webster’s defines it as, 

“Force exerted upon a body… the intensity of such force… and mental or physical tension or strain.”

The human body is not a static thing like a still-life painting. There are literally billions of activities going on inside of one at any given moment. Despite that, there are parts of a body that are relatively static, like bones, for instance.

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