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Low Fat Diets Are Low Results Diets

low-fatIf you want to lose weight, low fat diets mean low-quality results

It sounds absurd. You want to lose fat. So you just cut dietary fat, right? No. As logical as it sounds, body fat does not come from fat intake. It is from a different source. It accounts for many diet failures. So, why don’t low fat diets work? How do you get results? Just understanding a couple of factors about what fat is made of and how the body loses it is a game-changer for sure.

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Weight Loss Effects Possible With Calcium


Despite weight loss issues, how can you lose stubborn weight by minding your calcium levels?

What does calcium have to do with weight loss diet failure, fat reduction or even obesity and overweight? It has more to do with it than is popularly thought. Factually it has everything to do with weight regulation, not directly, but via many various body systems which should be working in tandem and properly.

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How Lecithin Works

Lecithin: The Emulsifier

An emulsifier basically breaks down fat (or lumpy food) particles so they can be combined with the water and blood in your body. That helps to make sure they don’t “stick” to the arterial walls and other tube-like “pipes” in the body.

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