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5 Steps to Muscle Tension Prevention

muscle-tension-preventionMany people suffer from muscle tension, especially at work, but these 5 steps can keep it at bay

One of the most common complaints in the workplace today is muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists commonly see these cases day in and day out. There are many reasons for these conditions and many suggested prevention strategies. Many of them point to lack of 5 things which, practiced, can prevent it from occurring in the first place.

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3 Chiropractic Boosters

chiropractic exerciseChiropractic has proven results for painful conditions but did you know it can be even better?

Chiropractors have been long known to handle many painful conditions. Removing nerve interference, they not only can help alleviate pain, but restore communication within the body. Here are 3 boosters that can bolster those effects.

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How to Avoid the Afternoon Crash

napWell beyond lunch, yet so far away from the end of the day, is that mid- afternoon crash inevitable?

Just when your day seems “over the hump”, when lunch is over and 5 o’clock is in your sights, a tired, exhausted feelings comes over you and you need a nap. Evidenced by a nearly $50 million in energy drink sales annually, quite a few people know this phenomenon all too well. Is it possible, however, to avoid the crash without having to resort to coffee or energy drinks? Understanding the slump is key.

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Weight Loss Effects Possible With Calcium


Despite weight loss issues, how can you lose stubborn weight by minding your calcium levels?

What does calcium have to do with weight loss diet failure, fat reduction or even obesity and overweight? It has more to do with it than is popularly thought. Factually it has everything to do with weight regulation, not directly, but via many various body systems which should be working in tandem and properly.

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Stressed Nerves

Stressed Nerves – Problem or Symptom?

What is “stress” any way? Webster’s defines it as, 

“Force exerted upon a body… the intensity of such force… and mental or physical tension or strain.”

The human body is not a static thing like a still-life painting. There are literally billions of activities going on inside of one at any given moment. Despite that, there are parts of a body that are relatively static, like bones, for instance.

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