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Dehydration, 5 Little-Known Causes, Remedies



You may think only summer heat can cause dehydration when actually many things can dehydrate you.

Perhaps you are more aware of dehydration during those spring, summer and even fall months, due to hotter weather conditions. Just as the holidays and cold weather roll around, however, when your attention is elsewhere, dehydration enters via seemingly innocuous causes, five of which are common during the months of December and January. Here is a look at these five and their remedy.

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Can Too Much Water Dehydrate You?

Feel so much better: “Before I came to Clearwater, I had been living in a very warm and humid climate in Australia.  I exercised a lot and was very diligent about my salt and potassium intake and rarely had a problem. So I thought when I came to Clearwater I knew everything that there was to know about keeping hydrated in a hot and humid climate. How wrong I was! Recently I started to feel very rundown and lethargic and I could not figure out what was going on. I even had to cut down on my study hours, I felt so bad! I went and saw Desiree and she pointed out several things, like being in air conditioning about 21 hours out of 24 (I don’t have AC at home in Australia), I was using cheap salt and the salt I was taking in tablet form, didn’t have all the extra goodies that a body needs when in a hot and humid climate. Within 24 hours of taking the Sea Salt vials (Sea Electrolytes), I was feeling SO MUCH BETTER! About a week after that I was able to increase my study hours again. Thanks so much, Desiree, you are truly a life saver!” Judee O, Australia

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