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Cholesterol – Killer or Vital for Life?

Fatty Deposits

Almost everyone in America now appear to have abnormal fatty substances – of which part is cholesterol – deposited in the walls of the arteries, a condition known a atherosclerosis. These deposits, which have the same composition as the fats in the blood, may narrow the channel through which blood passes to the point that circulation is markedly decreased.

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How Lecithin Works

Lecithin: The Emulsifier

An emulsifier basically breaks down fat (or lumpy food) particles so they can be combined with the water and blood in your body. That helps to make sure they don’t “stick” to the arterial walls and other tube-like “pipes” in the body.

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Weight Loss and Calcium

I would be the last person to claim that calcium helps with weight loss but I recently came across an article that says it does. The body needs all the nutrients to function properly. This is so fundamental to proper body function that I don’t even feel I should have to state it but, in view of the enormous number of people experiencing weight – and other – issues, I guess it means I have to say it.

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