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Deep Tissue Massage Taken 3 Levels Deep

deep-tissue-massageDeep tissue massage is popular but how deep does it penetrate?

It’s simple. You have stress and muscle tension. You seek massage therapy and get a deep tissue massage. End of story, right? Not quite. In fact, there are several levels of penetration into stressed, tense muscles which go far deeper than a mere massage. Massaging pressure points only serves to relieve them momentarily. But, their cause lies deeper; several levels deeper. For the most lasting result, let’s explore these levels.

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3 Chiropractic Boosters

chiropractic exerciseChiropractic has proven results for painful conditions but did you know it can be even better?

Chiropractors have been long known to handle many painful conditions. Removing nerve interference, they not only can help alleviate pain, but restore communication within the body. Here are 3 boosters that can bolster those effects.

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3 Causes of Lower Back Pain

lowerbackpainLower back pain may be common, but it isn’t normal and can be overcome

Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints going. Uncomfortable and painful, it yet restricts many from work, free movement or activities they enjoy. With a variety of medications and even surgeries seeming the only alternatives to lower back pain, understanding causes of back pain can present more choices, not only for treatment, but for its elimination.

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