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Noise Sensitivity

Noise sensitivity can have many causes, some of which can be the result of low blood sugar, a drop in blood calcium, a magnesium deficiency or a lack of any of the ten B vitamins, each of which is essential to the normal function of every nerve in the body.

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Growing Pains

Many children, some from as young as three up to teens who are still growing and maturing, experience “growing pains”. Sometimes the pains are short-lived, and other times they may last for several weeks to several months.

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Overcoming The Sugar Blues

My mom gives me Instant CalMag-C almost every day. She mixes it with juice and I love it.

“It makes me feel better.

“Sometimes when I’m upset, it’s because I didn’t eat very well that day; and probably had too much sugar, so my mom fixes me up a glass of Instant CalMag-C and it makes me feel a lot better fast.” Emily C

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Healthy Teeth and Bones

RECEDING GUMS ACTUALLY IMPROVED! I went to the dentist for my 6-month cleaning/check up. They charted (whatever that means) my gums and both the hygienist and my dentist couldn’t believe that my receding gumline actually IMPROVED!!!! That’s right. IMPROVED. My teeth are no longer sensitive and no longer bleed. I owe this all to Instant CalMag-C!!!!! Thanks a million!” Janet F, New York – Massage Therapist

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