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Low Fat Diets Are Low Results Diets

low-fatIf you want to lose weight, low fat diets mean low-quality results

It sounds absurd. You want to lose fat. So you just cut dietary fat, right? No. As logical as it sounds, body fat does not come from fat intake. It is from a different source. It accounts for many diet failures. So, why don’t low fat diets work? How do you get results? Just understanding a couple of factors about what fat is made of and how the body loses it is a game-changer for sure.

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Drug Addiction You Have, But Don’t Know About

drug-addictionDrug addiction is not limited to “drug addicts” anymore. You may be addicted to a drug without knowing it!

We all think we know about drug addiction but, most of us think we will never experience it. Surprisingly, many more people can be considered “addicts” by definition than one would ever suppose. But that is only half the story. Many substances are, by definition, considered to be drugs. Many of these you may be taking in right now. Let’s look at some of them.

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3 Charley Horse Instigators You May Be Causing

charley horseCharley horse spasms can make you feel helpless but are you helping them along?

Wake up in the middle of the night and feel the Charley Horse cramp coming on. Which way do you bend your foot to stretch? It’s too late. You writhe in pain! You didn’t deserve it, but did you instigate it? There are 3 indications that you may have caused this painful cramp in your calf inadvertently.

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The Scariest Part of Halloween Is Sugar

snacks-popcorn-candy-sweet-crunchyGhosts, ghouls, goblins and horror may abound on Halloween but the real fear should not be of bloodshed, but blood sugar!

This fact may seem blatantly obvious but sugar in Halloween candy can be quite an insidious monster. After all, it’s only for the kids, right? Fact is, most adults engage in eating more of their share of candy. Even if the children have left the nest or outgrown the annual house-to-house candy rampage, with less trick-or-treaters, there is always that bowl of treats leftover.

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Calm and Happy Babies

My son tends to run fevers when he is teething which can spike pretty high from time to time and this can be pretty scary as a new mom. Most recently, he woke with a fever of 102.5 and was irritable. I gave him some CalMag-C in the dose recommended for his age and within half an hour he was willing to nurse and his temperature had gone down somewhat. By morning his temperature was only 100.4. CalMag-C came to the rescue again.” Kate K, Florida

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Sleep Through The Night

Sleep Through The Night

The CalMag-C arrived intact and it’s helped me sleep through the night. I don’t remember the last time I went an entire week that I was able to sleep every night. I’m hoping it will not lose the effect as time passes but so far I feel great! I never thought I would find a cure to my insomnia.” JM Houston, TX

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How Radiation Affects Your Bones

Radiation: You can feel it in your bones!

While there has been quite a buzz concerning the adverse effects of radiation on the human body, it is much less well known thatit can be controlled and blocked from being absorbed if certain mineral combinations are present during exposure. Further, if such combinations are lacking, absorption of radiation is not only possible, it can even prevent these minerals from being utilized, wreaking havoc on the body – especially the bones and marrow!

Although radiation takes many forms, not all types are commonly found in your immediate environment and not all are handled the same way by the body. However, there is one particular form that merits investigation, a type of radiation common among today’s environmental epidemics.

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