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Advancement Opportunities: 3 Odd Tips to Create Them

advancement-opportunitiesAdvancement opportunities may seem scarce, but they are everywhere if you know how to create them

Look around. People want to improve their lot, especially at work. While there are plenty of advancement opportunities, they are not always apparent. And, when they come around, they are not there for long. Competition can be fierce. Just as the early bird gets the worm, however, so does the one who is best prepared get the best opportunities first. Career advancement advice is everywhere with tips, tricks and hacks galore. Most of it dealing with interview skills and the like. But what about your physical preparedness and mental alertness for this task? Do these come into play? Here are 3 odd tips that would suggest that they do.

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Mass Hysteria Remedy Needed Now

mass-hysteriaIs there any hope for mass hysteria?

There have always been moments of tension in history when mass hysteria has been an issue. Times of war, crises and even economic downturn have been culprits. However, never has it been more prominent than in recent years, with people at a fever pitch of worry, grief and, yes, mass hysteria. The difference now? News stories and news FEEDS are flooded with outcry and clamor of political, religious and even personal nature. This flood of information and controversy has created a tense situation for all. Never has there been a more appropriate time to calm down the masses. To do so however, a few factors need to be examined and addressed.

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Why Is It Difficult to Keep Calm In Crisis, Chaos or Panic?

keep calmCircumstances lately tend to make it difficult to keep calm, but why isn’t it easier?

One word: predisposition. Factually, many of us set ourselves up to be predisposed to heightened anxiety when there is crisis, emergency, chaos, panic or the like. In fact, dozens of factors are involved, of which there are some common and popular ones. Here are a few.

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Calm and Happy Babies

My son tends to run fevers when he is teething which can spike pretty high from time to time and this can be pretty scary as a new mom. Most recently, he woke with a fever of 102.5 and was irritable. I gave him some CalMag-C in the dose recommended for his age and within half an hour he was willing to nurse and his temperature had gone down somewhat. By morning his temperature was only 100.4. CalMag-C came to the rescue again.” Kate K, Florida

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