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LASIK Eye Surgery Anxiety Relief Source

lasik eye surgery anxiety

Lasik eye surgery anxiety is a real problem, especially for a procedure that requires stillness from the patient. Anxiety sources are not just helpful – they’re a must!

Sitting still for any procedure presents its challenges depending on what is being done. LASIK eye surgery anxiety presents an entirely new level of challenge. It requires absolute stillness while the laser light makes precision cuts.

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5 Black Friday Survival Hacks

mallBlack Friday “door-busters” may be worth the trip, but is it possible to shop without the drop?

You have barely digested that Thanksgiving feast and, the Christmas shopping season is on with a vengeance. Door-buster deals have you fighting the carb hangover, other shoppers and lack of sleep to get that deep discount for which you have waited all year. And, you find yourself shopping from the wee hours until mid-day, when you can shop no more.

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5 Ulcer Facts That Show Acid Is Not The Enemy

human-intestinesWhile it may seem logical that an ulcer is aggravated by acidic food, the truth may surprise you.

The human digestive system is a delicately-balanced sort of ecosystem with specific parameters, requirements and tolerances. And, while acidic foods seem to irritate it, especially when it comes to an ulcer, the opposite has been found to be true. Alkalinity (opposite of acidity) is the real enemy. Here are 5 facts that tell the story.

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