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Tooth Decay Symptoms and Calcium Deficiency

tooth decay symptomsTooth decay symptoms are obvious, but are they themselves a symptom?

Sometimes, when you diagnose one problem, it indicates another. Such is the case with tooth decay. While it may not be pleasant to discuss tooth decay symptoms, especially with your dentist, it may not be the whole story. Once diagnosed, this condition may, itself be a symptom of another: calcium deficiency.

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4 Types of Withdrawal You May Be Going Through

withdrawal sugarEveryone thinks of street drugs when it comes to withdrawal but what else causes it?

Street drugs aren’t the only thing that causes withdrawal. In fact, symptoms of withdrawal can occur from quitting virtually anything. Many of these, however, you don’t even know you’re going through. Here are the four most popular ones along with a little advice on how to combat them.

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Calcium Deficiency from Taking Calcium?

calcium deficiency rocksYou may believe calcium deficiency can exist but did you know that calcium can cause it?

Supplement sales at an all-time crescendo indicate deficiencies are on the rise. Whether from soil depletion or just plain not eating the right foods, vitamin and mineral deficiencies run rampant, prompting supplementation. Calcium deficiency, however, presents a rather unique situation. For there are two ways taking calcium supplements can prolong the deficient condition and only one way they can be effective.

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Kidney Stones Causes

What Causes Kidney Stones &  How Can You Prevent Them?

“Much of the calcium and magnesium is carried and retained in the blood by being combined with albumin (the main protein in human blood). When the diet is low in protein, so little albumin can be produced that these minerals are lost in the urine, a situation conducive to stone formation.

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