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3 Charley Horse Instigators You May Be Causing

charley horseCharley horse spasms can make you feel helpless but are you helping them along?

Wake up in the middle of the night and feel the Charley Horse cramp coming on. Which way do you bend your foot to stretch? It’s too late. You writhe in pain! You didn’t deserve it, but did you instigate it? There are 3 indications that you may have caused this painful cramp in your calf inadvertently.

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4 Wrist Pain Causes that May Interfere With Life

wrist painWrist pain can be said to interfere with life, but is life causing it?

Wrist pain, often referred to as “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”, is ever more common these days and many who suffer say it interferes with life. Whether making golf or tennis less enjoyable or even work a much harder task, it is yet a problem which leaves many wondering about its cause and how to eliminate it, with surgery sometimes the only apparent option. Here, however, are 4 ways life itself may be causing it, which also give clues to how it could be handled without a scalpel.

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Calcium and Magnesium Vital Basics


Calcium and magnesium are vital to many body functions. Here is just a small number of them.

What don’t you know about the basics of calcium and magnesium? These two essential minerals pervades everything from bones and teeth to blood sugar levels, sleep cycles and all manner of other functions as well as a host of symptoms, illnesses and the like from their deficiency.

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