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3 Reasons for Anger Issues

anger-issuesAnger issues can be said to have become quite an issue for some, but could they be physical?

We all know them. Perhaps we have seen them in traffic, on the checkout line or even in business. For some people, a short fuse, easy triggers and low tolerance for others are a real problem. Anger management is a buzzword nowadays. This implies the necessity of some sort of behavioral therapy. But do these people all “have issues”? It turns out anger issues can be a symptom of three other physical issues causing them.

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Magnesium: Trick or Treat?

magnesium-candyCould magnesium be the difference between trick and treat this Halloween?

It’s funny to think of minerals around Halloween but there is quite a significance to them, especially regarding magnesium. In fact, it may be the most important. While it is responsible for many body processes, one stands above the rest in this regard: blood sugar regulation. With Halloween being a “holiday of sweets” it’s clear what this means. Halloween is also a sort of gateway to “the Holidays” which seem to be filled with nothing but sugar spikes for the rest of the year. Getting to know this mineral becomes crucial.

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The Scariest Part of Halloween Is Sugar

snacks-popcorn-candy-sweet-crunchyGhosts, ghouls, goblins and horror may abound on Halloween but the real fear should not be of bloodshed, but blood sugar!

This fact may seem blatantly obvious but sugar in Halloween candy can be quite an insidious monster. After all, it’s only for the kids, right? Fact is, most adults engage in eating more of their share of candy. Even if the children have left the nest or outgrown the annual house-to-house candy rampage, with less trick-or-treaters, there is always that bowl of treats leftover.

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