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Several Signs Stress Is Setting In

Stress belongs in the environment, not in your body

Stress is so common these days, it seems like a normal fact of life. And, it may well be. Adverse reactions to it, however, are not normal. It comprises things such as burden, overwork, physical demand and other such factors. When it begins affecting the body, however, something is not normal. How do you know when stress is affecting the body? Here are the most common symptoms to monitor.

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7 Stress Symptoms Solved

stressThe number 7 is not so lucky when it comes to these symptoms of stress

Stress is a word that is often used but seldom fully understood. Derivatives such as “stressed out” and “stressful” are just as common. But what IS stress, what are its symptoms and what can be done about it? The answer requires an examination of the 7 most major and popular symptoms.

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Allergies Have Some Nerve!


While allergies are best-addressed via a variety of complementary disciplines, one cause, often neglected, could easily be checked and spotted: blockage to nerve energy flow.

It is nevertheless true that allergic reactions can occur for a variety of reasons, yet nerve blockage, left undiscovered and untreated, can be the difference between remedy and exacerbation of the allergy symptoms themselves.

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Pain, Allergies, Stress Diseases What Is Their Remedy

Pain, Allergies, Stress Diseases What Is Their Remedy

learn about pain, allergies, stress diseasesAccording to Adelle Davis’ book Let’s Get Well, calcium appears to increase the health values of vitamin C while decreasing sensitivity to pain. Corroborating this appeal, calcium gluconate makes the best natural painkiller. In fact, in its long history of use gluconate has not found any serious challengers to knock it off that pedestal.  Large-enough doses will actually “switch off” almost any pain.

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