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"“I'm a mother of two beautiful twin girls. They are both 6 years old. Last year my first daughter was suffering from 'flu. When I took her to the doctor they told me that she had asthma. She was put onto a whole range of medication. One day I explained to Anya that my child is not getting better. In fact, she is getting worse and very fast. She recommended Whey Protein, Combovite Powder which the twins love and Calmag-C. My kids started to use the products in November and haven't had any 'flu since then! The asthma has also disappeared!
For myself, I am using Instant CalMag-C and if it is that time of the month, believe me, I don't have any period pains anymore! Thanks for saving my kid's life!”
AM Pietersburg

- AM, Pietersburg

"“I just wanted to update you on my success with Calmag-C. As you may recall, I have been taking Calmag-C for over two months now. At that time, I had bronchitis that wouldn't go away, despite getting conventional treatment that turned into an asthmatic event.

“After stabilizing, I have found that taking Calmag-C along with vitamin supplements and eliminating sugar and white flours eliminated any asthmatic symptoms. I can tell that when I stopped taking the Calmag-C, symptoms returned. You can be sure that I won't be forgetting to include Calmag-C on a twice daily basis again. I am sure that if it wasn't for Calmag-C, I would have had to depend on some medications which are harsh on the body. So what worked for me in general was reducing inflammation-- Calmag-C along with an anti-inflammatory diet, good hydration, and vitamins did the trick!”
LK, CA "

- Linda K, California

"“Thank you for sending me your local manufacturer’s details. I spoke to Anya and she assisted me with a new supplier. I must commend you for your assistance and in no time was I able to take my medication (CalMag-C). Your service and response is impressive and all I can say is "Super Service" which, by the way, is like a fresh breeze as it does not happen all too often. All the best and thanks once again.” AdB, Three Rivers"

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""Hi Desiree, I just wanted to let you know that I bought the CalMag-C from Dr. Cooper today and it is the first CalMag product that did not give me any side effects. I use to have a back off from taking CalMag because I knew I would always have side effect such as diarrhea. But this is the first time that it did not happen. And I feel like my body is relaxing more than before. I thought you would want to know this win.""

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