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In a survey, most chiropractors answered that they would pay $100 to get one patient signed up in their office. It was also found that the average chiropractor has at least a 50% close rate on those who actually show for a day 1 visit to the clinic. For this reason they are always looking for brilliant and cheap chiropractic marketing ideas.

Ask yourself this question: Would you pay $150 to get 12 potential patients to arrive to your office?

Do the math. How many patients could you make out of 12 arrivals? It’s a no-brainer, right?*

Now is your chance to take action.

Call (845) 219-1101 to find out how you can get into action RIGHT NOW to start getting prospects to ARRIVE to your clinic and then have at them. You know you’re a good closer, or at least a decent one. You just need them to show, right?

Act now and get a $100 coaching session with top chiropractic marketing coach Frank Sardella, host of Will Work 4 Patients Chiropractic Marketing Podcast, powered by Screening Experts.

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*Check with your local board, codes and laws for guidelines regarding supplement sales and public offers before implementing ANY marketing campaign.

Also, check out what these chiropractors have to say about it:


Dr E Vito, Scranton PA


“CalMag-C has been helpful in supporting an optimum state of health and function for my patients… benefits reported include:
Improves sleep, relaxes muscles, decreases nervousness and seems to help adjustments hold better“

Dr Rob D, Georgia, Chiropractor


“CalMag-C is a product that I am very excited about. I use it as an essential supplement for my training, primarily as a mineral replacement…  It helps aid my recovery from long runs… my sleep patterns improved dramatically, waking up less during the night and my overall muscle soreness was reduced. Patients of mine know that I do not endorse a product unless I am truly committed to it.  How could I not be excited to share this with my patients?”

Dr Ted L, Pennsylvania, Chiropractor and Athlete


“My Chiropractor confirms your claims. I REALLY had NEVER found anything in over 40 years that was natural and REALLY worked at reducing and often eliminating the back pains! CalMag-C has extended my useful life, makes me feel better and therefore makes me more of a pleasure to be around! THANK you for your product!”

WC California, Chiropractic Patient


“I definitely want to order some more. My husband has been suffering from achy joints since 1998. Two hours after taking the CalMag-C his joints did not ache for the next 24 hours…Truly a miracle… Like my husband noticing instant results, I think the samples would be amazing to have to give to patients to give it a try. Thanks!

Dr Nancy P, Chiropractor, Massachusetts


“I received an emergency call early one morning from a patient having severe muscle spasms in the neck. I began to work on him but the muscle spasms were not subsiding. I recommended calmag. The patient, however, had another brand he had consumed at home. Unfortunately, the muscle spasms did not subside and I had to attend to him again. I then had him take Instant CalMag-C…. By the evening he was greatly improved, the muscle spasms were gone, and only mild residual tenderness remained in his neck.

“If you are not using Instant CalMag-C for your patients, or are using a similar product, you should definitely give it a try.  This really helps patients get through any soreness with treatment as well as reduce muscles spasms quickly.  I have found patients are definitely more relaxed and this product is extremely complimentary to my treatment.  It helps my patients feel better faster and makes it easier to work on them when their bodies are much more relaxed.”

Dr M, Chiropractic Physician

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