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7 Stress Symptoms Solved

stressThe number 7 is not so lucky when it comes to these symptoms of stress

Stress is a word that is often used but seldom fully understood. Derivatives such as “stressed out” and “stressful” are just as common. But what IS stress, what are its symptoms and what can be done about it? The answer requires an examination of the 7 most major and popular symptoms.

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Magnesium: Trick or Treat?

magnesium-candyCould magnesium be the difference between trick and treat this Halloween?

It’s funny to think of minerals around Halloween but there is quite a significance to them, especially regarding magnesium. In fact, it may be the most important. While it is responsible for many body processes, one stands above the rest in this regard: blood sugar regulation. With Halloween being a “holiday of sweets” it’s clear what this means. Halloween is also a sort of gateway to “the Holidays” which seem to be filled with nothing but sugar spikes for the rest of the year. Getting to know this mineral becomes crucial.

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Deep Tissue Massage Taken 3 Levels Deep

deep-tissue-massageDeep tissue massage is popular but how deep does it penetrate?

It’s simple. You have stress and muscle tension. You seek massage therapy and get a deep tissue massage. End of story, right? Not quite. In fact, there are several levels of penetration into stressed, tense muscles which go far deeper than a mere massage. Massaging pressure points only serves to relieve them momentarily. But, their cause lies deeper; several levels deeper. For the most lasting result, let’s explore these levels.

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Pain Management vs Relief and Prevention

pain-management-preventionPain management is an ever popular buzz word these days, but why would you want to “manage” pain?

The name “Pain Management” alone predicts a grim outlook. Why would you want to “manage” pain? All that really says is that you are coping or dealing with it. This implies it is impossible to rid yourself of it permanently. How is this a viable option? Do you really want to live with pain and merely cope with it? It’s time to look at how to get relief from pain and, even better, how to avert it in the first place.

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3 Athletic Trainer Secrets That Are Game-Changers

athletic-trainerJust because your athletic trainer has a secret doesn’t mean you can’t know it.

Anyone using or seeking an athletic trainer is looking for certain qualities. The foremost quality sought is RESULTS. While someone training athletes may not say it, creating champions takes more than just pumping iron. Here are 3 secrets you may not have known about fitness, health and sports.

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Diabetic Nerve Pain May Trace to Mineral Deficiency

diabeticnervepainDiabetic nerve pain is a mystery. But is it solvable?

There are many theories about diabetic nerve pain. Suspected causes are numerous. The only offered solutions seem to be drugs to deaden the pain. But, the very words describing the condition may hold the key to preventing it. This can best be understood by breaking it down into 3 components: diabetes, nerves and pain.

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Low Fat Diets Are Low Results Diets

low-fatIf you want to lose weight, low fat diets mean low-quality results

It sounds absurd. You want to lose fat. So you just cut dietary fat, right? No. As logical as it sounds, body fat does not come from fat intake. It is from a different source. It accounts for many diet failures. So, why don’t low fat diets work? How do you get results? Just understanding a couple of factors about what fat is made of and how the body loses it is a game-changer for sure.

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Back Pain May Not Be From That Bag You Carry

back painBecause you have back pain, and carry a bag, does not necessarily mean they are related…

You carry a heavy bag or backpack and you have back pain. Are these circumstances related? While they could be, chances are there are other things causing the back pain. Nonetheless, that backpack can be aggravating a condition which already exists. After all, not everyone who carries a heavy bag suffers from back pain. So what could cause that back pain?

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Tooth Decay Symptoms and Calcium Deficiency

tooth decay symptomsTooth decay symptoms are obvious, but are they themselves a symptom?

Sometimes, when you diagnose one problem, it indicates another. Such is the case with tooth decay. While it may not be pleasant to discuss tooth decay symptoms, especially with your dentist, it may not be the whole story. Once diagnosed, this condition may, itself be a symptom of another: calcium deficiency.

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