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Weight Loss, LipoLaser, Chiropractic, Instant CalMag-C

What do weight loss, lipolaser, Chiropractic and Instant CalMag-C have in common? Ask this Chiropractor!

BUCKINGHAM PA – Dr David D’Angelo and his wife, Dr Renee D’Angelo, are both Chiropractors in Northeastern Pennsylvania, in Bucks County, and have been practicing there for quite some time. Over the years they have gone from specializing in carpal tunnel issues to more holistic approaches, including weight loss, fat loss, nutrition and lipolaser – to name but a few.

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3 Causes of Weight Gain and How to Avoid Them

Understanding weight gain is, perhaps, the best way to figure out weight loss

Though weight loss is the most talked-about health category these days, it is yet shrouded in mystery. With so many fad diets, philosophies and theories, it is a very confusing subject indeed. Low-calorie, starvation, low-carb or high protein diets all seem to have merits, yet don’t seem to work for everyone.

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Instant CalMag-C CEO, Desiree Lotz at the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Summit

Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Annual Summit Featured CEO, Desiree Lotz Speaking on Instant CalMag-C

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Calcium and magnesium levels are of the utmost importance in weight loss too

Watch this talk given by Desiree Lotz, CEO of Sunshine Vitamin Products on how calcium and magnesium affect weight loss.

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3 Reasons for Anger Issues

anger-issuesAnger issues can be said to have become quite an issue for some, but could they be physical?

We all know them. Perhaps we have seen them in traffic, on the checkout line or even in business. For some people, a short fuse, easy triggers and low tolerance for others are a real problem. Anger management is a buzzword nowadays. This implies the necessity of some sort of behavioral therapy. But do these people all “have issues”? It turns out anger issues can be a symptom of three other physical issues causing them.

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5 Steps to Muscle Tension Prevention

muscle-tension-preventionMany people suffer from muscle tension, especially at work, but these 5 steps can keep it at bay

One of the most common complaints in the workplace today is muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists commonly see these cases day in and day out. There are many reasons for these conditions and many suggested prevention strategies. Many of them point to lack of 5 things which, practiced, can prevent it from occurring in the first place.

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Advancement Opportunities: 3 Odd Tips to Create Them

advancement-opportunitiesAdvancement opportunities may seem scarce, but they are everywhere if you know how to create them

Look around. People want to improve their lot, especially at work. While there are plenty of advancement opportunities, they are not always apparent. And, when they come around, they are not there for long. Competition can be fierce. Just as the early bird gets the worm, however, so does the one who is best prepared get the best opportunities first. Career advancement advice is everywhere with tips, tricks and hacks galore. Most of it dealing with interview skills and the like. But what about your physical preparedness and mental alertness for this task? Do these come into play? Here are 3 odd tips that would suggest that they do.

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Dental Fear, 3 Ways to Calm It Down

dental-fearDental fear is a well-known issue to many, but is it necessary?

You may be calm in life but, something about that dental chair and those procedures can make your hair stand on end. Even the most even-keeled person can become a nervous wreck when it comes to seeing the dentist, even for the most routine procedures. Why, however, can some tolerate the most extensive procedures without even batting an eye? Are some people naturally more nervous than others when it comes to routine dentistry? Evidence would suggest otherwise. There are indeed some factors to consider that can cause or exacerbate anxiety and fear. Here are three such factors which can be remedied to alleviate much of such dental fear.

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Take Heart Health to Heart This Valentine’s Day

heart healthHeart health is the best way to give your heart to your Valentine!

There is way more to Valentine’s day than just chocolates, diamonds, roses and true love. Singer/songwriter, Christina Perri, writer of a song called “Jar of Hearts”, was quoted, “You need to love yourself… one hundred percent before you can actually love someone else.” Yet the self-care and wellness actions of many have been less-than-optimum to maintain physical health, especially when it comes to heart health. All of which gives being someone’s Valentine an entirely new significance. How can you give your heart to someone through better heart health?

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Several Signs Stress Is Setting In

Stress belongs in the environment, not in your body

Stress is so common these days, it seems like a normal fact of life. And, it may well be. Adverse reactions to it, however, are not normal. It comprises things such as burden, overwork, physical demand and other such factors. When it begins affecting the body, however, something is not normal. How do you know when stress is affecting the body? Here are the most common symptoms to monitor.

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