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Desiree Lotz, CEO Sunshine Vitamins | Instant CalMag-C

Company Founder and Creator of Instant CalMag-C has a strong desire to help people achieve nutritional greatness through calcium supplementation.

Desiree has helped and guided thousands to find answers and solutions to symptoms related invariably to some form of malnutrition, steering them in the direction of positive, expert resources.

Having intensively studied various philosophies on nutrition, detox, health and wellness, and having worked side-by-side with experts and specialists in chiropractic, nutrition, supplements and holistic wellness, her knowledge base is tremendously useful to helping those in need of nutritional intervention or assistance. Ultimately culminating in a laboratory-developed formula, her research isolated a common denominator of health: the nervous system and its dependence on calcium and magnesium.

“I am bent on an approach of rebuilding the body from the foundation rather than constantly chasing symptoms” explains Desiree. “Calcium is key in this regard.”

Having the purpose of reducing costly healthcare by returning to simple principles, Desiree advocates a philosophy of building healthy bodies as opposed to repairing damaged ones. “If more people were educated on an integrative and preventive approach to wellness” she exclaims, “the less would be spent on hospital care, medications and treatment of disease!” A welcome philosophy nowadays in a rapidly-changing cultural climate, Desiree has yet held this philosophy her entire life.

Desiree runs USA and Canada operations of Instant CalMag-C however the product is in use worldwide by thousands who write in regularly with successful results and reviews about how the product has helped them. Desiree prides herself on keeping in direct touch with her customers and runs a column called “Ask Desiree” which she dedicates to answering the most frequently asked questions about nutrition although she always answers direct inquiries.

There are many technical facts about calcium which indicate its importance in the world, particularly with regard to the human body. Or as Desiree puts it, “Nutritionally, one cannot live without it.”

Disclaimer: Desiree is not a medical doctor. The information contained anywhere on this site is not advice nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your primary doctor or health practitioner regarding any health condition you may be experiencing and any supplementation you may be considering.

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